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    首頁 > 常見問題>>從哪些方面選擇適合的獵頭公司?
    來源:http://www.stylejouy.com 發布人:admin 日期:2019-12-30

      Now many enterprises will choose to cooperate with Shandong headhunting company. There are many headhunting companies, but do you know how to choose a headhunting company? Now let Jinan Shunxing Human Resource Management Co., Ltd. take you to know from which aspects to see that a headhunting company is not worth cooperation?


      1. Headhunting companies that often replace headhunting consultants


      The turnover rate of headhunting consultants is one of the important criteria to judge whether a headhunting company is worthy of cooperation: the frequent turnover of headhunting consultants you contact indicates that the company is either inefficient or has a poor system to retain talents. Frequent turnover also results in less time for headhunting consultants to understand the needs of enterprises and candidates. Perhaps for them, the only purpose is to let people go to work earlier.


      2. Headhunters who don't know the market


      Headhunting consultants can provide great help to help candidates find jobs: for example, guide your salary range according to the market price, point out your weak points according to the market demand, master the background of the target company and its interviewers in detail and give you targeted suggestions. All of the above are not qualified headhunting consultants.


      3. Headhunting consultants who do not master the skills of salary negotiation


      Shenzhen headhunting company believes that one of the most common mistakes that junior headhunting consultants make is that they can't grasp the opportunity to discuss compensation. For example, if the salary information on the resume is simply sent to the employer, but the relevant information and advantages of the candidates are not explained in detail, if the salary requirements of the candidates are higher than the market, the candidates may be out of the game purely for this reason. For a qualified headhunting consultant, all information should be prepared to prove that the salary requirements of the candidates are reasonable, which is particularly important for the interviewers, especially when the salary requirements of the candidates exceed the enterprise budget.


      4. Don't respect your Headhunting Consultant


      Candidates must make sure that the search consultant is trustworthy before working with the company and submitting their resume. They should also ask the headhunter to obtain your consent before submitting your resume to a new position. Failure to do so may result in an individual and irresponsible headhunter sending your resume indiscriminately to all clients, which may damage the candidate's image to some extent.