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    首頁 > 常見問題>>?怎么發覺人才說服對方的成功跳槽呢?
    來源:http://www.stylejouy.com 發布人:admin 日期:2019-12-30

      Although it is the era of big data, we have learned how Jinan headhunting company finds talents! Today, Jinan Shunxing Human Resource Management Co., Ltd. will take you to know how headhunters explore talents!


      Before you look for someone, you need to figure out what kind of person you want to look for. In this step, you need to make a lot of understanding and Discussion on recruitment enterprises and positions. At present, it is necessary to understand clearly what stage the enterprise is in, what are its main products and services, what is the main profit source of the enterprise, what is the scope of the enterprise, and which departments it consists of. Then it is the analysis of the post, what jobs the post holds, how many subordinates it has, who is the direct guide, how the salary is made up, what benefits it has, what are the necessary conditions to be qualified for the post, what are the bonus conditions, and what are the secondary conditions.


      As long as you make these clear, you can start to look for people, and in the process of looking for people, according to the communication and exchange with talents from time to time, deepen the understanding of my position, and timely change the methods, tactics and channels.


      After confirming the request, the next question is how to find people?


      Channel: with so many headhunters, it's time to accumulate some contacts. Think about which friends are in this line. Wechat calls are not suitable for each other. Their friends may be suitable. Their friends may be suitable. Don't underestimate their ability to introduce. A person who lives in a circle must have a wider network of contacts than an outsider.


      It's hard to say it's a headhunting company without any talent pool. If there's no suitable one in my network, I have to find it in the company's talent pool to see if it's suitable.


      Then there are various recruitment websites, forums, and other online platforms, and CC.


      One of the most challenging talents is to play CC. There are not many skills. Play more, play cheeky, and play a good attitude. The whole world is yours.


      After finding the candidates, what's next. The candidates the headhunters are looking for are not short of jobs, and most of them are on the job. How to persuade them to think about a new job opportunity at this time is not easy. That's why HR can sometimes find these talents, but it can't invite them to interview successfully.


      Experienced and talented headhunters have their own set of practices. They usually choose to first understand the candidates' basic situation and ideas, and then stop negotiation according to the practical situation. In this process, everyone's words are different. Good headhunters can make a new friend even if they don't win the candidates. This is not only the expression of personal ability, but also the skill of headhunters to expand their network. Ordinary headhunters usually use telephone communication to inquire about the idea of selecting people first, and then follow up.