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    首頁 > 新聞資訊>>獵頭公司市場現狀入如何?
    來源:http://www.stylejouy.com 發布人:admin 日期:2020-02-11
      It is reported that at present, there are 10000 headhunting companies in China's headhunting market, with more than 500000 headhunters. The core problem affecting the large-scale development of headhunters is the shortage of headhunters.
      On the one hand, headhunting companies help enterprises to solve the problem of talent recruitment. On the other hand, headhunting companies themselves are very short of talents, and the eyes of the headhunters do not understand a thing, and the headhunting industry is indeed a war of poaching in various peers every day.

      The industry average profit of any industry is the consensus of the industry according to the charge of 30% of annual salary. Even if the reasons for the domestic industry competition and cost expense ratio have been adjusted, it should not be lower than the bottom line of 20%. Otherwise, headhunters will not be able to obtain reasonable profits and maintain normal business. If they can charge less than 20%, it must be non-standard low-end headhunters. They don't need to think about brand building, sustainable operations and team building, they can vote at a time.
      The accumulation scale of talent pool is not the main index to measure the service ability of headhunters. The core competitiveness of headhunters is the ability of active search and exploration. Many customers do not understand the purpose of the headhunter. Before confirming the formal intention of cooperation, they will ask the headhunter to provide resume information to judge the ability of the headhunter. Some small headhunters do not understand the purpose of headhunting, or in the face of the pressure of headhunting company management, they will meet customers' unreasonable expectations, provide resumes in advance, or even make resumes according to customers' work requirements, cooperate with some bad candidates, and cheat customers together. It is not appropriate to provide resume information to customers before confirming formal cooperation intention.
      It is an industry regulation to insist on collecting advance payment. The significance of advance payment is to determine the real intention of recruiting customers, improve the degree of cooperation, prevent more than one woman from getting married, and form headhunting company expenses and other aspects. Without advance payment, these meanings are impossible. The underperforming headhunters can no longer afford such a high salary. They have to fight for orders and feed themselves, not advance payments.
      The exclusive headhunting service agreement of foreign headhunting companies is that in China, companies often sign several headhunting companies to provide headhunting services for high-level talents at the same time. The mantra of headhunting companies is not only the quality of talents, but also the speed is more important: first, to find talent headhunting companies will get more attention, and the speed of headhunting companies will submit resumes to human resources of enterprises, If human resources think that this resume will start to arrange interviews, and can hire qualified, quality-oriented but slow headhunting companies often can only sigh: the talent is hired, his hand is no good. The headhunter's pursuit of speed will reduce the requirement of talent quality and often lead to "war".
      Some people say that the financial crisis is coming and China's headhunting market will be severely damaged, but the reality tells us that China's headhunting market is still very hot, and the headhunting industry will still start a prairie fire like a war. Headhunters do not lack customers, because excellent talents are always scarce resources, which is the fundamental reason for the existence of this market.
      The above is a detailed introduction of the current situation of Shandong headhunters in the market. For more information, please click http://www.stylejouy.com