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    首頁 > 新聞資訊>>如何提升自己在職場中的核心競爭力呢?
    來源:http://www.stylejouy.com 發布人:shunxing 日期:2021-07-15
    With the increase of employment pressure, the competition in the workplace becomes fierce. If you are not careful, someone will replace you. So how can you improve your core competitiveness in the workplace?
    1、 Improve professional skills
    This is an era of respect for the profession. No matter how strong the money and material resources are, they can't compete with excellent talents, which can make enterprises more successful. Therefore, if you want to become an office worker who will not be eliminated by the enterprise, you should first take a good step in your professional ability, and continue to strengthen in the work practice, accumulate professional skills chips that others can not replace, and do not easily change the runway or different professional fields. The professional skills here include real technology and soft power talents, such as speaking ability and management ability. To improve management ability, you can read MBA (Master of Business Administration).
    2、 Be brave to accept challenges
    Most successful people are not afraid of changes in the workplace, and usually have the courage to face them, and thus stand out as competitive talents. Therefore, internal rotation or expatriate is not only a good opportunity for the adaptability of office workers, but also allows you to adjust your pace in different working environments or contents. This is a good time for you to show your ability.
    3、 Keep charging and learning
    A good way for smart office workers is to constantly enrich themselves and make progress, including learning knowledge, skills and interpersonal skills, so that they can become a powerful horse. In order to enhance their irreplaceable. How to achieve their own irreplaceable? That is to keep learning and improving, to keep growing after listening to the learning of on-the-job MBA, and to broaden the contacts and horizons.
    4、 Learn time management
    Efficient people, usually when dealing with anything, can concentrate, and orderly, according to the priorities in a certain period of time, to achieve twice the result with half the effort. In addition to good interpersonal relationship, people with appropriate emotional intelligence can be good at solving problems, and also have the courage to face failure and success.
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