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    首頁 > 服務優勢>>面對員工頻繁跳槽怎樣才能留住人才
    來源:http://www.stylejouy.com 發布人:admin 日期:2019-12-30

    Whether the company or employees, to have a deeper understanding of job hopping for, why an employee often beats, except for its driving, the company may occupy a bigger reason, to think about how to make people better to stay.


    One is active job hopping. The active job of people most of your goals clear positioning and knowledge, there are more long-term occupation planning, all the job changes are for the future direction of the occupation to pave the way, they hope to achieve their work platform and the promotion of income by constantly change jobs, so that to achieve the ultimate goal of their.

    員工A離職前,在一家創業板上市公司任職HRM,在公司入職一年多,上份工作時間也才1年,有一天A 被獵頭公司找到,挖去一家主板上市大企業做HRM,A經過綜合考慮還是決定離職去下家。

    A staff before leaving, in a GEM listed company HRM, the company recruited more than a year on the job time is 1 years, one day A by the headhunting company found, dig a large enterprises listed on the main board of the HRM A, after comprehensive consideration decided to leave to go home.

    像A這種情況,我們無法去評判他對公司的忠誠度,因為忠誠度本身就是一種對求職者的單方約束。就像那句諺語“只許州官放火,不許百姓點燈”一個道理,企業因為是強勢方,所以任何的福利待遇和制定約束都是從公司利益出發,而忽略員工的切身利益。那么在這種情況下,再談建立在物質基礎的公司忠誠度,那就有點矯情和做作,應了那就no zuo no die!

    In the case of A, we can't judge his loyalty to the company because loyalty is in itself a unilateral constraint on job seekers. As the proverb "only allowed, not allowed to do anything for a reason, because the enterprise is strong, so any benefits and constraints are formulated from corporate interests, while ignoring the vital interests of employees. So in this case, talk based on material company loyalty, it was a bit hypocritical and affectation, should be the no Zuo no die!


    The other is passive job hopping. Passive switch is also divided into two categories, one is a small company, because the company needs to change due to the unstable situation in the present work, the prevailing social entrepreneurship, is still very common; the other is itself very unstable, changing with the address and family factors.


    For these two types of job hopping, we should see more frustration and bitterness, because no one would want to often toss about. So it's a luxury to talk about job loyalty with people who are passive, and it's better to explain the "economic base decision superstructure" in economics.


    As for party business, most of the time should be more from the company level to solve employee occupation loyalty, loyalty is not caused by recruiting occupation, but not cried every day to bring a company when the "home culture", but the need for enterprises to strengthen their own cultural construction and cultural construction, improve the corporate welfare and the system provides a comfortable working platform for employees, and formed a powerful loyalty centripetal force, everyone can have a happy attitude to work, instead of textbooks in the general staff and let endorsement is loyal to the enterprise.


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