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    首頁 > 服務優勢>>管理經驗是獵頭人員看中的重要一點
    來源:http://www.stylejouy.com 發布人:admin 日期:2019-12-30

    The Internet industry in China. It will need a lot of Internet talent, such as operation, technology, products and so on, there are many vacancies, but this kind of talent supply in the labor market is less than demand, it will lead to some talents while working experience is short, but may also become Qingdao headhunting the objectives of the company. Of course, this is also due to industry.


    Headhunting is called a headhunter headhunting company in Qingdao was introduced to the main hunting from abroad is "head", some senior management personnel, so it became headhunting, and can be described as senior management personnel, is a senior, senior now "three high", namely the experience high, highly educated, high wages, first of all, the experience is an important standard of Qingdao headhunting company to choose talents, to examine whether background matches with the position of senior management personnel for more than 8 years of work experience is not wrong.


    Then is the degree, although the degree is not the most important, but there is usually a basic requirement, before there is a customer reject a candidate because of his education is a secondary school, no matter which position, at least in college or above degree, too low will affect the future development potential and logical thinking ability.


    The third is the high salary, this is inevitable. On the other hand, management personnel, performance in a rich management experience, strategic planning ability, the general hunting, hiring managers are above the level of the Department, so the management experience is also very necessary.


    In short, to become the headhunter's "food", in addition to strengthen their own quality, must choose the industry, good industry may let you become the target for many enterprises, is the small white-collar workers can become "food search".