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    首頁 > 服務優勢>>人力資源管理六大模塊是一個有機整體
    來源:http://www.stylejouy.com 發布人:admin 日期:2019-12-30

    The six major sectors of human resources management are the so-called human resources planning, recruitment and allocation, training and development, performance management, compensation and welfare management, labor relations management.


    Human resource management is a system management tool, through this tool can stimulate employee potential, meet the needs of all levels of staff, can improve work efficiency, and ultimately achieve win-win situation.


    But some business leaders and even human resource practitioners love the six modules of human resource management is divided into various grades and ranks to look at, this is a misunderstanding. The core layer of many enterprises in the company, on behalf of the States is too short-sighted.


    Every plate is an important component of human resource management, each plate is connected: if there is no good "human resource planning, recruitment is no goal, no plan, no basis, certainly not to attract the right talent to arrange suitable jobs.


    If there is no high-quality "human resource planning" and "recruitment, training and development of great difficulty, and the training target, new employees basic quality is poor, training cost, cycle will increase, and after the training may not be able to meet the needs of enterprises.


    The performance evaluation is based on "human resource planning", "personnel ability evaluation, personnel evaluation, personnel contribution evaluation" and "evaluation" to carry out, so the good performance appraisal system, there is no significance for the team without a plan.


    Compensation and benefits are also directly related to overall human resource planning, training and performance. If the five plate front are well executed, labor relations management is almost nothing, but if the previous five plates that did not do a good job, the management of labor relations even better is just busy with it.


    The six modules of human resource management is an organic whole, the modules have different emphasis, but inseparable, lack of any link will affect the balance of the whole system, and even bring risks for the long-term development of enterprises.


    To better serve the business department, the HR manager needs several staff roles such as the Commissioner, such as the compensation specialist, the training specialist, the recruiter, the personnel commissioner, etc.. But this stable organizational structure lack of scale effect, when the enterprise personnel continues to increase, or the number of employees is not much but the business is more complex, or the number of employees but not many personnel scattered, HR managers have to face the problem of increasingly complex, he will find himself at once.