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    首頁 > 最新公告>>獵頭公司的背調的如何把握?
    來源:http://www.stylejouy.com 發布人:admin 日期:2020-05-05
    1. Control of back tone time
    Once the background investigation of candidates is carried out, it means that the information of candidates' job hopping is made public. In this process, care must be taken to ensure the professional reputation of candidates. Therefore, it is a responsible performance for candidates to carry out the back tone after the enterprise issues a formal offer.
    2. the choice of back tone form
    There are many forms of background investigation, which can be a public investigation with the prior notice and consent of the candidate, or an informal investigation, such as by phone or email. In any case, the background check is not conducted because the candidate is not trusted, which needs to be clearly communicated between the headhunter and the candidate.
    In general, headhunters can ask candidates to provide several targets for back tone, such as current colleagues or superior leaders, former bosses and customers. Candidates can be asked to schedule time before they investigate. At the same time, it should be noted that no matter whether the response of the other party is different from the information provided by the candidate, the headhunter should make a real record of the investigation content.
    3. What are the aspects of back tone
    Generally, the items to be investigated should include but not limited to asset certification, personal IP, social network traces, past evaluation data, physical examination results in the last three years, social security list, payroll card bank flow, business card, reputation in the circle, and increase or decrease items according to the importance of the post. The authenticity of educational background and whether there is a criminal record need special attention.
    If the headhunter can communicate with the candidate and provide the above information, it will be very convenient. However, in order to ensure the authenticity, it is easiest to go to the people's Bank of China, real estate bureau, evaluation agency, etc. to verify the authenticity.
    4. What should I do if there is a difference in tone?
    If there is a big difference, the candidates can be suggested to provide other respondents so as to obtain real information. If there is still a big difference, the headhunter should also notarize the response, objectively and accurately convey the investigation results to the enterprise customers, and the enterprise customers should make their own judgment. If the enterprise side thinks that the problem is not big, as a headhunter, in the attitude of being responsible for the enterprise, it should also remind the possible adverse consequences, and prepare the candidates in time.
    Background investigation is responsible for customers and candidates. If candidates want to get good development, these projects are inevitable.
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